05. Juli 2022

A great day for all fans and admirers of the police, fire brigade, rescue service and Co: On the day of action "Retten.Schützen.Helfen.", all of Bremen's blue light institutions lend a helping hand and give insights into their vital work. Rescue vehicles, helicopters, emergency vehicles, water cannons, emergency boats and much more can be admired throughout Bremen's city centre.

The big Bremen action day - a festival for the whole family


July 9, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m

The exhibitions can be seen on the station forecourt, the market square, the Hanseatenhof, the Domshof, around the Church of Our Lady, as well as at the Schlachte and the Weser Stadium.
At 11 a.m., patron Interior Senator Ulrich Mäurer invites you to the official opening on the market square. The opening will be accompanied, among other things, by a concert by the Hanover Federal Police Orchestra.
"WESER-KURIER brings people from Bremen and the region together," says David Koopmann, CEO of Bremer Tageszeitungen AG (WESER-KURIER), who initiated the event. "The day of action is intended as a thank you for the many voluntary and full-time helpers who have been particularly challenged over the past two and a half years. The day of action is also intended to present the work of the organizations and encourage visitors to volunteer or help them choose a career."

Overview of locations & institutions:
  • Market place: Bremen fire brigade association, Bremen (state) police, Bremen main customs office (state), THW, ASB, federal police, regulatory office, stage with a concert by the federal police orchestra > Domshof: Bremen (state) police, state traffic police
  • Our Lady's Cemetery: Malteser, ASB (Youth)
  • Ansgarikirchhof/Hanseatenhof: DRK, Hospitaller
  • Martini Pier Promenade: DLRG, DGzRS Infomobil
  • Bgm.-Smidt-Anleger: Customs boat "Bremen", DGzRS cruiser "Hermann Rudolf Meyer", DLRG boat "Bremen 15" (police boat "Lesmona" travels on the Weser)
  • Station forecourt: BZgA blood donation, THW
  • Weser Stadium (car park 4): DRF air rescue, ADAC air rescue
An event organized by the WESER-KURIER media group, contact: moritz.vandreier@weser-kurier.de