The Ansgari district is a core part of the lively center of Bremen city centre. A place where a special shopping experience, strolling and social encounters are just as attractive as daily shopping. The residents of Bremen should feel just as at home in their pedestrian zone as customers and visitors from the surrounding area.

BID Ansgari

The BID concept originated in the Toronto/Canada area in the 1970s. These are generally areas "where landowners or business owners are legally required to pay a levy to a private organization that runs programs to enhance the attractiveness of the area" (Pütz 2008: 7). In Germany, BIDs are a "young and at the same time quite successful instrument in the repertoire of urban development" (Pütz 2008: 21) and are being implemented in the state of Bremen with the "Act to Strengthen Retail and Service Centers", which came into force on July 27, 2006 stepped on (Pütz 2008: 63).

The goals

The following basic goals, in particular in favor of the landowners, should continue to be pursued unchanged within the scope of the innovation area Ansgari Quartier:

  • More security for owners through long-term stabilization of rent levels
  • Convincing and acquiring solvent tenants by developing and communicating a clear location profile
  • Development of a stable customer potential for tenants by creating special offers and a concise space design
  • Acquisition of new target groups and strengthening of the shopping location Bremer City as a whole
  • Cooperation with the administration and local politicians will be further improved in order to be able to process the city's regular tasks more quickly and tackle special tasks together.

These goals are implemented with the establishment of a five-year site community in accordance with the Bremen law to strengthen retail and service centers (Business Improvement District) and an associated package of measures within an innovation area. The BID Ansgari is already in its third term (BID Ansgari I from 2009-2012, BID Ansgari II from 2017-2017 and BID Ansgari III from 2018-2022).


The site community

In order to be able to set up a site community amicably and quickly, the layout of the area must be selected in such a way that common interests are bundled. A very narrow section was deliberately chosen for the Ansgari site community, so that only the plots of land that actually benefit from the planned measures are included. The plots of land directly belonging to the square should apply to the BID Ansgari. About a third of Ansgaritorstraße has been adapted to the Ansgarikirchhof through traffic calming and visual construction measures. Bollards prevent further use of the road by vehicles.