The Business Improvement District (BID) is a local community that promotes the economic efficiency of the respective district. The BID Ansgari is the oldest BID in Bremen and probably the smallest in Germany.
The Ansgari Quartier is a core part of the lively center of Bremen city centre. The place is characterized by the elaborately designed facade of the historic chamber of crafts, which was completed in 1621 in the style of the Weser Renaissance. With its impressive gable facade, it gives the quarter around the Ansgarikirchhof special charm and an unmistakable character. Against this impressive backdrop you will find individual shops that surprise with a selected range.


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Bremen blueht auf Domshof 2024

Leisure + Culture

Bremen City is blooming!

The neighborhoods and shopping streets shine in a flowery ambience // Just in time for spring, plants are being planted diligently in every nook and cranny of Bremen's city center. The CityInitiative's flower pots with blooming oleander will decorate the streets of Bremen's city center from May onwards.
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CMK1 24 VOS Osterwiese

Shopping + Enjoyment

Shopping sunday

The Easter meadow starts on March 22nd this year and will provide fun and variety for the whole family until April 7th, 2024. To mark this occasion, the shops and restaurants will open their doors for Sunday shopping in Bremen City on April 7th from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
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Hirsche in den WallanlagenJens Hagens comp

Promotions + Events

The city center and ramparts shine

From November 27, 2023, the CityInitiative, together with retailers, restaurateurs and residents, will bring light into the dark season - 3D light sculptures invite you to stroll and marvel.
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rote Karte Obernstrasse Highlight

Blog + Specials

BreMEHR - Funding period extended!

Buy the BreMEHR gift voucher now and get an additional 21% by the end of the year. The city of Bremen will continue to subsidize the BreMEHR gift voucher with 21% until the end of 2023 - only while stocks last!
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Promotions + Events


Ein toller Tag für alle Fans und Bewunderer von Polizei, Feuerwehr, Rettungsdienst und Co: Am Aktionstag „Retten.Schützen.Helfen.“ reichen sich sämtliche Bremer Blaulichtinstitutionen die helfenden Hände und geben Einblicke in ihre lebenswichtige Arbeit.
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